Nov 21, 2016 06:10 AM EST

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers, News & Updates: Will Caitlin 'Killer Frost' Battle Barry And Cisco In Episode 7?

In "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 7 will present a new problem for Barry and the entire team. This time, the source of their problem will be one of their own, when Caitlin turns cold and frosty in the "Killer Frost" episode.

One of the favorite "Heroes" cast, Greg Grunberg, will be returning into the superhero scene as Central City Police Department Detective Tom Patterson. Grunberg was cast in a recurring role and will make his first appearance in the upcoming episode of "The Flash" titled "Killer Frost" which will be directed by Kevin Smith.

According to Digital Spy, Greg Grunberg will be playing a lawman, which is not something new for the actor since he portrayed the role of LAPD and the NYPD cop with telekinetic powers as Matt Parkman in "Heroes." The question on whether he will have powers as Tom Patterson in "The Flash" is still in deep shallows, but it is a possibility.

It will all start with the best of intentions. Caitlin, despite her mother's prior warnings, will use her powers in the coming "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 7. But unfortunately, unleashes something else in the process - her evil alter ego. 

According to Spoiler Tv, in the episode, Caitlin's inner Killer Frost is unleashed after she uses her powers to save Barry (Grant Gustin). When her metahuman self completely takes over, Caitlin goes on a frenzy looking for Doctor Alchemy. She also kidnaps Julian (Tom Felton) and ends up battling with Barry and Cisco (Carlos Valdes).

It is still debatable who wins out in the end but Caitlin will no doubt fight with her Killer Frost identity and try to prevent her from taking over. What is certain in the coming "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 7 is that Killer Frost will create a havoc of all sorts during those times when she takes over. In the battle between good and evil inside Caitlin's head, who will come out on top?

According to an article from Jobs & Hire, "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 7 air date is scheduled this coming Tuesday, November 22, 2016. On the other hand, the crossover event starts on Monday, November 28.

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