Nov 21, 2016 07:50 AM EST

‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ DLC Release Date, News & Update: Rockstar Games Introduces GTA 5 Single-Player DLC? GTA 6 Postponed Indefinitely?

Rockstar Games recently announced that support for "GTA 5" will continue through 2017. This news was well received by "GTA 5" players as it seems to indicate that a "GTA 5" Single-Player DLC is coming soon despite the rumors that development of "GTA 6" will be delayed.

A number of expansions packs for "GTA 5" have been released since 2013. However, fans are still waiting for a Single-Player DLC to make its entry to the game. With "GTA 6" still in the works and still months away from official release, it looks like the rumors regarding a Single-Player DLC have some basis.

According to a report from iTech Post, the "GTA 5" will have a Single-Player DLC after the release of "Red Dead Redemption 2." Though it seems a long time to wait for the DLC, as the release of "Red Dead Redemption 2" is set in the fall next year, fans can expect massive features to be involved in the Single-Player DLC.

The same report also points out that the Single-Player DLC will allow older versions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise to be included in the DLC. Some fans are speculating that "Tommy Vercetti" will enter the "GTA 5" world via the DLC. Although these are still speculations at the moment, fans are reportedly hyped up for these possibilities.

By providing a Single-Player DLC, "GTA 5," can win back the gamers who may have already left the franchise. The DLC can also provide players an option to play a single-player campaign, allowing gamers to explore other means of performing heists. The DLC can also bring continuity to the story of the game.

With the announcement that the "Red Dead Redemption 2" is scheduled for release next year, it seems that "GTA 6" will be put on hold at the moment. By putting "GTA 6" in the shelves, Rockstar Games can shift their attention on "GTA 5" and increase the sales on current titles having a single-player campaign support.

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