Nov 22, 2016 07:15 AM EST

'One Punch Man' Season 2 News Updates: Fierce Garou Faces Off With Mighty Saitama; Blast's Identity Revealed!

By JC Santos

The number-one anime hero who pars legendary Anime characters in the history of Otaku-dom comes back with a second season. This time he is facing Garou — Master Bang (or Silver Fang)'s fiercest and most twisted student — who has made a deal with S-Class monsters and individuals to take over the world. The original web comic by ONE featured Blast's true appearance in Chapter 106 might also be his true look in "One Punch Man" Season 2!

"One Punch Man" Season One ended with Saitama defeating the almighty Alien King Boros who left but a stain on everyone's favorite hero. The amazing fight and Saitama's humble return to C-Class heroism (where he truly does not belong) was our last scene and no one really hoped for a One-Punch Man Season 2 because animator and artist Yusuke Murata said he had to "work on his new manga".

The anime's hilarity and somewhat vague-silliness begins with Garou himself. Garou's origin had him root for villains instead of heroes. A student of Silver Fang, he defeated and maimed most of the master's students, forcing Silver Fang to exile him from the dojo.

Upon his exit, he vowed to destroy all heroes from the Hero Association-protected cities.  Being that Garou is potentially an S-Class villain, the appearance of Blast is inevitable. Fubuki — the girl with powers to cause blizzards — said in the manga and webcomic that Blast "could be a powerful psychic entity" who "rules an army of robots."

As an S-Class hero, readers have considered Blast as strange. He left the work to destroy an asteroid to Saitama and Genos in one episode, and yet he serves as an inspiration to Tatsumaki, the sister of Fubuki. Season 2's ultimate conflict may just reveal the true intentions of Blast and the armored character's true look.

According to reports by Otaku publications, "One Punch Man" Season 2 will feature more than the 12 episodes of the first season. It is confirmed to air in 2017 with no definite day as of yet.

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