Nov 22, 2016 07:35 AM EST

Uber 'Compliments' Feature Can Make Drivers' Experience 'More Pleasant'

By JC Santos

The new "Compliments" feature on the Uber app would ask riders a little feedback regarding their driver's attitude, promptness and everything else that goes in inside the vehicle and during the drive. They would not be a requirement for riders, but giving drivers a little compliment helps make their day and possibly motivate them to succeed in their new careers.

The new "Compliments " feature is something Design Columnist David Pierce believes as something that "could make drivers' lives easier. He points out that giving a sticker or feedback to drivers for having a "great car" or for being an "awesome DJ" with choice songs helps make the driving experience pleasant for the driver.

Drivers unions had protested and had filed numbers of lawsuits against Uber for having no employment benefits. The experience of being "freelance employees" with Uber naming drivers as "self-employed" working for them does not really make it a pleasant experience to work with the company.

According to Senior Product Manager for Uber Mike Truong, most drivers requested for a "feedback system" of some sort. Drivers for Uber argue that the five-star system does not truly mention their strong and weak points.

Uber wanted for riders to give a "personalized" feedback while "celebrating" drivers doing exemplary work in the field or otherwise. The feeling of having a teacher praise you for outstanding work in an exam is something drivers also want from the Uber equivalent: the road and the rider."

Uber Product Manager Nundu Janakiram said the design team had a tough time working on a "good advisor" for drivers "who are their own bosses." Beginning with emojis and thumbs as an initial experiment, drivers said it was not enough advice to go on. The stickers became a hit.

Stickers included praising the Uber driver for "Excellent Service", "Great Conversation", "Expert Navigation" "Entertaining Drive" and more. A small space for a "thank-you" or added compliment or suggestion is at the bottom.

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