Nov 24, 2016 04:50 AM EST

What's Going On Between Kris Jenner And Blac Chyna's Mom? Will They Ever Get Along?

In a preview for the upcoming "Rob and Chyna" baby delivery special shows the baby shower, Rob and Chyna's family and friends preparing for her baby delivery, a Lamaze class and a conversation between Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick; their conversation centered on Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, in which Rob revealed that she will be in town for a while.

"What was that whole thing that your mom said she said bad things about her?" Scott asked Rob, in which Rob answered Scott with "Her mom's just, like, a loose cannon".

The preview from People Tvwatch also showed a scene where Kris Jenner and Tokyo Toni met for the very first time and it was visible that Kris was not very thrilled with Tokyo's presence. There had always been drama between the Kardashian Klan and Tokyo Toni ever since Rob and Chyna settled down, and because Tokyo Toni is defensive of her daughter, she can get far worse than a loose cannon when it comes to protecting her only child.

According to Celebdirtylaundry, Blac Chyna's birth-giver will do everything just to prevent her daughter from falling into the Kardashian Kurse, even if Chyna's just a few weeks away from delivering her baby with Rob, in wich they called Dream Renée, a report from Jobs & Hire confirms.

"I go off when it's deserved. If you not acting accordingly, Imma handle you." Toni explained to Chyna after she confronted her mom and told her "Sometimes you intimidate people,"

Kris Jenner, a.k.a the Kardashian's momager, definitely does not want to get "handled" by Tokyo Toni. In the preview, Blac Chyna was seen looking for her mom after Kris showed up at her baby shower so Chyna could introduce her soon to be mother-in-law to her mom, in which Kris takes a deep breath and whispers to herself "Oh God, here we go". Kris was obviously not excited of what's coming to her, or maybe a little scared?

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