Nov 24, 2016 02:11 AM EST

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 68 Spoilers, Latest News, & Updates: Future Trunks Arc Ends; Why Does Goku Summons Shenron?

By Din Rose

In continuation of "Dragon Ball Super" episodes, Goku's adventures will again be the next focus while Future Trunks arc finishes. Now Zamasu's defeated, everything is freshly back to normal in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68. However, Goku has another matter in mind. He needs Shenron's help for something again. And, there are two theories swirling this call for the ancient dragon.

Previously, Future Trunks fought Supreme Kai apprentice Zamasu in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 67. In a report by Jobs & Hire, it describes how he used the spirit sword bomb to defeat him. Apparently, it's not a simple weapon anyone can use.

Moreover, the Zamasu's end marks the continuation of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68. According to Otakukart Anime Blog, Goku will need Shenlong this time. Reasonably, King Kai died as he sent an exploding bomb in the king's planet.

Even though King Kai wasn't literally affected by the explosion as he is already in after life, a death halo appeared on him which irritates him. Supposedly, Goku called the ancient dragon in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 for this as he is being bugged by King Kai to be resurrected.

Otherwise, University Herald reports, a new powerful assassin will set foot on Earth to fight Goku in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68. According to the publication, V-Jump magazine has hinted the notion, even detailing "the strongest known assassin will finish off Goku".

Now, that could be Goku's bigger reason to call for Shenron! It is more sensible for him to call upon the wish granter suddenly if he faces their latest powerful enemy in a head to head fight. And, things escalated to events unavoidable such as his death.

In all,"Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 "Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?!" is something to watch! Everything will unfold on its airing on November 27, 2016.

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