Nov 25, 2016 08:31 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review: What to Discover in Alola

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" takes place in a new Polynesian-style world that is called Alola. Instead of a huge continent as the previous games have done, Alola has four large connected islands that each has their own cities, landmarks and endemic pokemons.

The gameplay also has a huge change not only with the detailed animated 3D models but also how you battle. Unlike in the previous game where one of your goal is to defeat battle hardened trainers in gym battle, a review issued by Wired revealed that in Alola, Gym-leader-like captains will impose you on a series of "trials", which in turn will prepare you for a final boss fight with the Kahunas who will be each island's ultimate task.

Another thing that is altered in the game is how you travel in Alola. In the previous game we have to teach our pokemon a certain HM move to travel impassable areas. In Alola we can now call a Pokemon with a "ride pager" and ride them instead.

However, one upsetting change to the game is the oversimplification in its overall game experience. It lacks the challenge and the adventurous exploration earlier installments have. It feels like very simple from start to finish. The game will just give you the exact directions to your objectives in the game instead of challenging the players to strategize and investigate.

The developers seemed like they focused on the aesthetic of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" than the gameplay. But in the review of Digital Trends, there are indeed numerous reasons why a player should love the game. One of the most interesting is the huge backstory for the common questions about the pokemon franchise. It is almost reading the history of pokemon with the loads of details that they put in the game.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has definitely wowed many with its beautiful setting, 3D models and awesome history. Let us just hope that the gameplay will be improved for the next updates of the series.

According to Jobs & Hire, the sales of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" flopped three after it was released in Japan.

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