Nov 25, 2016 11:10 AM EST

‘Clash Royale’ Game Hack & Update Leak: Red Tower Enhancement; Friendly Battle Feature; First-ever Elite Barbarians Sneak Peek Finally Out!

By Din Rose

Recently, Supercell "Clash Royale" recently dropped a blog post of The Elite Barbarian Troops latest sneak peek, while brewing Red Tower enhancement and Friendly Battle Mode is allegedly leaked. Now, the fans are thrilled to see more of the actual game's current upgrades. Incidentally, it's not yet the end of the holiday treats as more updates are coming.

In playing "Clash Royale", the player should exhibit mastery with the four-deck cards, alongside the tower defense strategies. Furthermore, defeating the opponent's "King's Tower" involves expertly attacking and defending its game map.

Only yesterday, Supercell posted their "Elite Barbarians Sneak Peek!" in Clash Royale site. Definitely, it excites the "Clash Royale" players as it shows how powerful the newest troops. 

Remarkably, the Elite Barbarian Troops attack "hits harder than a fireball". As well as, its attack lock is so accurate that it can defeat an enemy's tower long before it can be killed. Another thing is they can be split though it's recommendable for them not to separate.

Playing "Clash Royale" with the Elite Barbarian Troops can be amazing and its further power can still be enhanced with different strategies. So, the players get better gameplay with these two thrilling units.

Now for the additional enhancement and feature, The Bit Bag shares that there's an image circulating the web that shows the latest Red Tower upgrade. Although Supercell hasn't confirmed the news yet there's a big possibility that it's coming soon.

Certainly, Friendly Battle upgrade isn't new as Supercell also posted information regarding the boost. Now, the players can endlessly play without getting defeated. In addition, "Clash Royale" expert suggested a better way in dominating this mode. Most likely, adjusting the card level will deliver a huge impact.

In all, the recent upgrades promise intriguing additions on the game. The "Clash Royale" avid fans will really have nice game plays soon. 

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