Nov 27, 2016 04:30 AM EST

PlayStation VR Misgivings: Market Dominated By Expensive 3-Hour Games; Subpar Graphics Compared To PlayStation 4

By JC Santos

Gamers who have tried the PlayStation VR firsthand in gaming conventions have had an enjoyable experience with virtual rides that go for a minute. To have the experience at home, consumers need to spend about $500 and even $50 more for VR titles that often have a single-player campaign of 3-4 hours.

Many gamers question whether the PS VR under-delivered despite its high ratings in both online and local videogame retailers. According to, the PlayStation VR has some quick-lived games without much expansion for their price. The game news and review website said the PS4-priced VR titles are immersive and have skyrocketing frame-rates over 60 but that is because of some scaled-down graphics.

Some titles, such as the "Batman: Arkham VR" have detailed textures running at smooth frame-rates. Unmentionable titles have flat-color textures that have no detail whatsoever to retain frame-rate speeds. Frame-rates are critical for VR; they make the experience realistic and overwhelming to a point.

Beta bugs also affect gamer experience and the PSVR amplifies this glaring deficiency. As developers continue to post regular updates to iron out these bugs, the damage has been done to the gamers' experience. For example, "Loading Human: Chapter 1" has some movement issues due to the developers miscalculating the PlayStation Eye Camera's motion sense and game integration.

Over time, these troublesome technical issues are something developers and Sony itself can overcome. Sony can still improve its PSVR system in many places, such as the dangling wires of both the VR headset and wired earphones. The PS4 had made domestic hardware optimization particularly easy by doing away with wires and replacing them with Bluetooth controllers.

Undeniably, the PlayStation VR holds its own against the Oculus Rift and HTC One -- both that are not bug-free in games or hardware. For its performance, the PlayStation VR has its cons but it delivered what it promised. Once the VR market reaches stability, game prices will drop and gameplay innovation can finally begin. An exciting new era of VR gaming awaits so stay tuned for more PlayStation VR and virtual reality technology news!

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