Nov 27, 2016 03:21 AM EST

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Update: Not All Races Will Be Present, Developers Want Game To Not Have Much Relation With Previous Installments

Fans who are eager for more information and updates about "Mass Effect Andromeda" will be disappointed to know that not all the races that appeared in the three previous installments of the game will be present. The developers also don't want the game to have much relation to previous installments.

According to Game Informer, "Mass Effect Andromeda's" Creative Director Mac Walters said not all of the races that appeared in the previous trilogy will be in the game. But they're not ruling out the possibility of having them reappear in future installments.

"We've designed the IP in such a way that they can all show up," Walters says. Though "Mass Effect Andromeda's" creative director wasn't clear with the reasons why they won't appear, he's hopeful that fans will be able to see the obvious reasons when they start playing the game.

GameRant speculates that BioWare could possibly highlight aliens that are less represented in the previous three installments. Aliens like the Hanar or Elcor cold probably get a more prominent role in "Mass Effect Andromeda."

But fans can delight that favorites such as Asari and Salarians will be making their way back to "Mass Effect Andromeda." Previous screenshots and trailers have already confirmed this.

Aside from not all races being part of "Mass Effect Andromeda," Walters also said that fans and players should not expect the characters or the events that happened in the previous three installments will have an effect on the current game. They prefer "Mass Effect Andromeda" being able to stand on its own.

Walters said they prefer that the players and fans would feel like they can play "Mass Effect Andromeda," even if they haven't played the original trilogy yet. He said they "don't want to invalidate anything that people did in the past," but they just want everyone to "feel like they can be onboard." 

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