Nov 28, 2016 06:12 AM EST

Battle Of Mosul Update: United Nations Request More Civilian Aid

By FG Dullin

Two months have passed since the sectarian Iraqi coalition launched the battle of Mosul to reclaim the city from ISIS. While the military campaign continues, United Nations are now keen on acquiring more aid for the displaced civilian population.

Life will be harder for the citizens living in the liberated neighborhoods given that winter is encroaching in the region. The liberated territories can barely sustain a decent functional community in the current refugee camp without the freezing temperature to consider.

According to the article featured in Reuters World News, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are setting up additional 1,600 tents in an area being cleared of landmines. The United Nations are also currently demanding more donors to supply 1.2 million people with winter kits.

But with the civilians receiving the shorter end of the stick, how are the armed forces faring so far? Contrary to popular belief, their string of victories against the ISIS in the ongoing battle of Mosul is not without heavy costs.

A report published by Washington Post describes how an Iraqi hospital dedicated to providing medical support for the coalition are now jam-packed with their own wounded fighters. The head physician testifies admitting approximately 150 emergency patients per day despite the dire lack of beds and medical supplies.

Both the civilian and military got their hands full. Even with the United Nations at the forefront of rallying concerned citizens worldwide, the Iraqi civilian and military sectors are getting little relief amidst their ongoing plight.

Nothing seems easy while the teetering force of the enemy is still putting up a good fight with covert and guerilla strikes. The recent report by Jobs & Hire describes how the terrorists continue to harangue the larger force of the Iraqi coalition with suicide car bombs while going under the radar by hiding among the civilian population. 

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