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Eminem Album Latest News And Updates: 'Success' To Be Released Next Year; Who Will The 'Rap God' Collaborate WIth?


New Release Date of Eminem's Album - Marshall Mathers, popularly known as Eminem, released his last album entitled 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' last November 2015 and now, the "Rap God" is expected to release his 21st album entitled "SUCCESS" on the 25th day of January 2017.

As of now, many people are expecting to see a lot of song collaboration from Eminem's new album. It is rumored that Adele and the "Slim Shady" rapper will collaborate after a Reddit user named Carrymarrybloody posted a leaked document about the God Rapper's upcoming album.

This leaked, it's probably fake but wanted to share anyway from Eminem

After posting this, Carrymarrybloody posted a disclaimer saying, "This leaked, it's probably fake but wanted to share anyway". Based on the article reported by International Business Times, Eminem will include 21 new songs since 2014 on his new album. These 21 tracks said to be three-six minutes long. Some people do hope that these collaborations might be possible especially Adele but then, hopes die when some news claim that it might be impossible for now.

"While others are excited with the rumored artists that will appear on the said album, some are doubtful that Adele and Eminem would work together," also, many of them has a doubt that a solo album can have too many collaboration.

Meanwhile, aside from positive comments about the collaboration, some fans are also disappointed with the choice of artist, if the leaked document is proven true.

As of now, different publications reminded the people to not take the leaked information seriously. As of now, the producers of the album and even Eminem did not confirm or reject if the leaked document which surfaced online and in the other news is true.

But in spite of different issue and rumors about this new album from Eminem, his fans, and other critiques still, claims that this new album might be the best from Eminem. The "Lose Yourself" singer became a really big sensation due to his lyrics that cause him to win two diamond awards last 2014.

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