Nov 30, 2016 06:00 AM EST

‘Overwatch’ Latest News & Updates: Oasis Map Now Available On PTR! Fight Your Way With New Urban Hazards!

"Overwatch" is now graced by another beautiful map named Oasis. Since its public announcement last week at BlizzCon, it became the talk of the town especially when it was first made available to players recently.

Oasis is a control type map where each team will fight over 'control points' until they captured it to 100 percent. It is also the first map to incorporate a jump pad into its gameplay where players can jump up on an elevated platform above the control point which will give you a good vantage point. Be careful though, once you're up on jump pads, you will be a good target for any Widowmakers who are looking upwards.

The new map features a futuristic desert city with beautiful landscape and architecture. Players will experience an Arabian urban city which includes a new twist, a moving traffic than can affect your gameplay in many ways.

According to PCGamer, Oasis' roadways will be filled with speeding cars that if you don't look left and right before crossing, it would spell your end right away. If you're smart enough, you can really use the cars to your advantage. It's just a matter of using your environment against you enemies and while we're at it, several gamers have been studying the cars interval to use them better at battle.

The map is only available to PC gamers on the Public Test Realm says PCGamesN, so players can only access the map in the custom games section. It is a bit crowded and you have to wait on the queue for a while as everyone is excited to test out the new Oasis map.

Blizzard Entertainment announced earlier that they are planning to release Oasis on the all other major platforms in December. This gives console players just enough time to learn all the necessary information to guide themselves against the urban hazards of the map. For more updates, check out Jobs & Hire.

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