Nov 30, 2016 05:10 AM EST

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Latest News, Updates, Spoilers, And Release Date: Around 67 Characters From Marvel Will Appear In The Movie; Will Captain America And Iron Man Remain As Enemies?

One of the most anticipated upcoming films in the year 2018 is the "Avengers: Infinity War". Marvel's famous superheroes will once again team up and this time they're going to be battling against Thanos; the galaxy's biggest and baddest super villain.

According to Jobs & Hire, the "Avengers: Infinity War" is Marvel's biggest project that they have ever attempted to produce; it has over sixty-seven casts and characters. Since it's going to be Thanos that the "Avengers" will battle against with, fans are wondering how they're actually going to beat the villain and Kevin Feige discussed that there is going to be a heavy-teamwork between the team.

Furthermore, GamesnGuide recently confirmed that the original team will, of course, be complete; Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, War Machine, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Agent 13, Ant-Man, Vision, and Winter Soldier. Doctor Strange will appear in the film, as well as The Wasp and Captain Marvel which will be the character's debut.

It is also confirmed that characters from "Guardians of the Galaxy" such as Star-lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket and Groot will be in the movie too. The movie will introduce a lot more characters and will probably give out more ideas for the future Marvel films.

Super excited and thrilled fans are also wondering if Captain America and iron Man's friendship will ever be fixed in the movie. Unfortunately, News Everyday confirmed that the two superheroes' friendship will not be fixed and both will stay as enemies in the "Infinity War". However, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers' bond will become stronger as ever and Steve is going to be able to help Bucky regain his humanity slowly.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Witch and Vision's relationship will become more interesting and that many agree with the thought that the two super-being can create an interesting story.

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