Dec 01, 2016 05:10 AM EST

3 Simple Business Apps For Small Business

There is a lot of entry-level entrepreneurs out there who still haven't fully grasped the principle of "business technology". Most of these people have very low regard to the latest technologies, believing that engaging with it is just a waste of time. Contrary to the credence, technology is far more powerful than any other business tool there is.

Over the years, technology has been putting a lot of companies on the ladder of success, existing therein as the ultimate tool for enhanced business operations and experience. While other companies invest on million-dollar technologies, an entry-level entrepreneur can start shaping his own future by utilizing free or low-cost software. There are tons of it in the market, and with just a couple of this business application software, your enterprise can start to grow.


Dropbox is a file hosting company. To simplify it, the application gives a user the ability to store, access, and organize his files remotely. However, Dropbox is more than just a storage, says Network Computing. Dropbox is also a great tool for business as it allows anyone in the workforce to collaborate with each other remotely, and share files such as documents, photos, videos. Moreover, it keeps the files safe through cloud technology.


It is common for companies - small scale or large scale - to conduct meeting or conferences from time to time. However, personal appearance is not always guaranteed given the various circumstances. This is a problem that Skype provides. According to Know Startup, Skype remains to be the number one software in videoconferencing. The software allows you to remain in touch with your employees whether it's via chat, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) or video calling.


Settling payments with anyone has always been great with Paypal. For an entrepreneur, this application is a very great tool for paying employees, suppliers, or anyone that needs to get paid. The application works by linking your credit cards and payments can flow in and out your Paypal account. The website is 100 percent secure and fraud-free.

You might have already heard of these applications as they are popular. However, who knows you are trying to hold yourself from utilizing these apps for whatever reason. One thing is for sure, these applications are nothing but a great tool for pretty much any small business. For more business tips, check out a report by Jobs & Hire.

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