Nov 30, 2016 09:45 PM EST

How Co-Creator Brian Michael Bendis Returned To Original ‘Jessica Jones’ Character


In 2001, Jessica Jones came into being as part of a Marvel Comics strip named "Alias" which was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos. Both creators did not foresee that the Jessica Jones character they created in that comics will become a successful television series fifteen years later.

According to Vulture, the character they created was a mean alcoholic and former superhero who worked as a private detective. The Marvel comic strip "Alias" was in tune with the superhero storyline craze at that time and it was not suitable to introduce bold elements into the plot.

The comics strip expressed vulgarity and overt sex which can cause distribution problems for retailers. It was also released at the time that an unrelated show with the same title started playing on TV. Comics fans were confused.

When Jessica Jones was winning all the accolades as a TV series and captivating the hearts of many fans, it was odd that there was no comics strip bearing that name or title.  Critics commented that the comic strip series that Jessica Jones was based on was non-existent.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis immediately rectified the oddity by working with Michael Gaydos again and created a strip which debuted last October. The storyline for the new creation had Jessica Jones married with one child and recently just released from prison. With no prior history on the plot, fans were baffled by the new circumstances surrounding Jessica Jones.

Micahel Bendis admitted that he would not have written the story had he not met with Melissa Rosenberg who was show runner for the television series Jessica Jones. Bendis was glad that Rosenberg presented Jessica Jones on TV from a woman's point of view while remaining true to hero's original character in the strip Bendis made with Gaydos.  After some conversations with Rosenberg, Bendis knew it was time to make a new Jessica Jones book.

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