Dec 01, 2016 06:10 AM EST

Samsung Continues to Investigate Galaxy Note 7 Explosions; Result Will be Revealed Before the Year Ends

The exploding problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come to an end. Samsung set another investigation on why the smartphone became explosive.

Customers are warned in using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because of the alarming news; it may explode while using, charging, or even when you are not using it, as reported by Jobs & Hire.

After the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last August, different news spread around the world. Issues regarding the smartphone like: defective, overheating issues, and faulty batteries - the primary causes of explosion.

So the company decided to terminate the production and distribution of the item. For those who bought the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung gave them a choice to replace or refund the device. Around 4.3 million Galaxy Note 7 were sold since it was launched.

Samsung is trying to look what really the problem is, but it seems like a puzzle that is hard to solve. The company even changed the battery provider, (which is thought to be the major reason of explosion) but there are still complaints with same issue. It seems like there are other factors that causes the device to be on fire.

But the problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be ending soon. According to Ubergizmo, by the end of the year, Samsung will reveal about the investigation of the said device and they will show the result in public.

Samsung Company, safety authorities, as well as the expert from US and Korea set a new round of investigation last November 11. They are still looking from another angle on why the device became explosive, and other heat related problems, reported by The Korea Herald.

Samsung Galaxy brands are affected by this incident, that's why the company will reveal the investigation to the public before year ends. And this coming 2017, Samsung will release Galaxy S8. 

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