Dec 01, 2016 05:30 AM EST

Google 'Daydream': Best VR For Great Design, Comfort and Games

By JC Santos

Google Daydream's irises look like a pair of eyes looking at its owner, daring him or her to go to places beyond this world. The VR headset is part of the first generation of virtual reality gear and Google's competitor against the well-known Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC One and the Sony PlayStation VR. Google's Daydream can definitely kick their buckets as it brings game interaction, graphics and entertainment to the next level.

But not without caveats, of course. According to, the headset had great design and comfort, and the Bluetooth controller itself is accurate. Then the Forbes review mentioned that the lack of content "is... disappointing" during the Google VR store launch, saying that there are only a "couple dozen" apps users could try.

Those few games Daydream owners can try are worth every buck spent on them. According to, Daydream helps you see historical landmarks from the comfort of your home and watch a few movies but it is not all exciting to "watch them in your face." It said you want to play games such as "EarthShape" that focuses on exploration and creating the player's livelihood or puzzle-based "FrostBound" focusing on survival from a relentless black monster.

Graphically, the Daydream applications have superior texture and appeal than PlayStation VR games that focus more on the game's frame-rates. PlayStation VR games were criticized for missing textures, short games and scaled-down graphics that developers deliberately did to ensure the frame rates ran smoothly in their games.

Gamers and VR fans have no right to complain as of yet -- unless it is indeed an immense technical problem with the product. The world is seeing the early stages of the entertainment technology and all available VR technologies today have their own flaws. But Google's Daydream is delivering more than its competitors can chew and it could only get better in the future.

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