Dec 01, 2016 06:00 AM EST

'Back To The Future' Reboot: Original Producer Will Not Let Any Filmmaker Recreate the 1985 Classic

By JC Santos

Executive Producer Frank Marshall was truly frank when he exclaimed that no filmmaker will ever get near his 1985 creation and classic "Back To The Future" to create a generation-relative version. He said that it will be "the same as 'E.T.' -- we're never touching those." He also meant all three "Back To The Future" films.

Truth be told, to remake the entire trilogy would mean imagining new technologies that could happen in the future and that can be met with distaste among old fans. The 80s "Back To The Future" focused on the imagination of "near-future" technologies that are now within our reach, such as virtual reality, the Internet, and... maybe not hoverboards but segways. According to, you could now order Nike's "Back To The Future" self-lacing sneakers.

In his interview in, after saying that the trilogy cannot be rebooted, Frank Marhsall proudly boasted that "Back To The Future II" -- which predicted the Chicago Cubs' win in 2015, actually came to pass. The movie news website also noted this reflected "Back To The Future" trilogy screenwriter Bob Gale's sentiments stating that new sequels made years later after the trilogy are not any good.

"Back To The Future" made news once again after precisely predicting US President-Elect Donald Trump's victory in the US election night. Aside from its predictions of virtual reality, tablets and even the Chicago Cubs' win, even the Donald Trump speculation happened.

Donald Trump's assumed equivalent -- equally vocal and charismatic Biff Tannen -- became the mayor of Hill Valley in an alternate future. Interviews mention "Back To The Future" Director Robert Zemeckis confirmed that Biff Tannen was based on Donald Trump but did not "think that Biff could run for President."

While the world waits for the arrival of true hoverboards, this world is truly the one in "Back To The Future." Below is a video that shows all the technologies we have today "Back To The Future" got right!

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