Dec 01, 2016 06:59 PM EST

6 Ways to Convert Your Instagram Followers into Customers

Online shop using different social media platforms are very relevant nowadays; one of it's best example is Instagram. Many people choose to buy on online store because it is easy to shop and less hassle. But on the other side, making your own online shop is sometimes difficult. There are a lot of things to be considered like; the items that you will sell, the people who will buy the products, and a lot more.

What are the ways to improve your account? How many percent that your shop will be noticed? According to an article from Entrepreneur, all you need to do is to provide a URL of your website in your bio on Instagram account. Shoppers will be enticed to visit your website. 50 percent of the users from Instagram follow those brand accounts 

There are also 6 simple tips to boost your sales and to convert your Instagram followers into customers:

1. Make your posts shoppable

Make sure that the items that you are selling are customer-friendly, like providing the complete description of your product.

2. Never underestimate your CTA

Make it easy to order on your products. Provide the steps on how to order, the payment, and shipment. Include also call to action (CTA), for example, "Love it? Click the link in our bio to get your own," provide the link of the item.

3. Reward followers with promo codes

Every store, whether visual or not, the provide some promo codes. Like for example, purchasing a certain amount of the product and you will provide a discount.

4. Run a contest

Make a contest like, selfies with the merchandise. Provide your own hastags. Give prizes or goodies. This will drive your customers to browse on your account.

5. Show off the people who love your brand

Like running contest, show off the people who love your products. Select 100 shoppers and post them, or give them items.

6. Tell a great (visual) story

Tell a story. Show to your customers your creative side. Describe your items and tell them why should they shop in your online store.

For the past years, Instagram had a lot of improvement. Aside from personal use, it can also use in business purposes. It has a feature where you can connect your contact details; a way of improvement to show that you are a legit seller, previous report from Jobs & Hire

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