Dec 01, 2016 12:45 PM EST

‘Vikings’ Season 4 and 5 News & Updates: Rangar’s Sons To Overshadow Him In Upcoming Series

By FG Dullin

Since the last episode of the first part of "Vikings" Season 4, viewers witness the humiliation of Ragnar Lothbrok against his brother Count Rollo in France. Years after his exile, the conclusive scene of Episode 15 features the dramatic confrontation between the disgraced Ragnar and his four estranged sons.

Avid followers of the series can already see Ragnar's decline. Many have speculated (for good reasons) that he would meet his end on Season 5. However, his once larger-than-life relevance in the "Vikings" saga might prematurely nose-dive to abject obscurity on Season 4 (part 2) as a prelude to his death.

Naturally, the focus of attention is being shifted to his grown-up sons from Queen Aslaug. An article published by The Hollywood Reporter describes how Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and Ivar the Boneless compare to their father when they assume leadership of the Viking people.

It is important to take note that like Ragnar himself, his four sons were based on real historical figures that ruled different parts of the European continent in the late 700 AD to 800 AD. In fact, Ivar the Boneless was the renowned leader of the Great Heathen Army that conquered England.

A report published by The Variety features an exclusive interview with "Vikings" creator Michael Hirst. It is revealed that in both Season 4 (part 2) and Season 5, the crippled Ivar the Boneless is destined to become the undisputed inheritor of Ragnar's consolidated army. The next destination for their raid points to Northumbria (England), where Ragnar might possibly square off with his cunning equal, King Egbert.

In a similar article published by Jobs & Hire, the eccentric Norse shipwright Floki will also play a vital role in the upcoming Season 5. Since Season 3, it was hinted that Floki will replace the withered old seer of Kattegat.

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