Dec 02, 2016 09:39 AM EST

Apple Working On iPhone Camera As Portal To Augmented Reality

Apple is again raising its development technology to a higher level, getting ready to integrate augmented reality into the iPhone camera app. Chances are they will succeed in doing so by 2018.

A source told Business Insider that the project required personnel acquired from various outfits that will bring the project to fruition. Augmented reality (AR) technology will allow users to employ specially made glasses to change the perspective of what they see in their surroundings.

Apple has just hired an expert in this field, showing that it is willing to get ahead in this exciting technology.  With AR, the user can experience digital data superimposed onto the specialized eye glasses used by a user. The data may be in the form of street names or direction maps related to the place the user is presently viewing. It can even be a video game character or a discount coupon for a store nearby.

Cult of Mac hinted that there are so many possibilities in the use of AR so companies are racing to be the first to produce a practical prototype.  Google, Snapchat, Microsoft and Facebook are some of the companies along with Apple that are known to be developing this technology.

Technologists believe that the first applicable gadget to use AR will be in the form of a smart phone just like the Pokemon Go app that was recently launched. The application will probably employ a point-and-recognize technique where objects pointed to are immediately recognized and the corresponding data are immediately shown on the eye glasses that also serve as a monitor.

Apple has been buying companies that have knowledge in AR.  It purchased Flyby Media for creating 3D data base and FaceShift, one of the leading companies that developed face recognition technology.  

The ideal Augmented Reality technology will be one that uses specialized glasses that are wirelessly connected to a phone or gadget and drives data into the lens cum monitor of the eyeglasses. All these technologies are presently under development by Apple.

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