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‘One Piece Film: Gold’ Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Where To Watch ‘One Piece: Heart-of-Gold’ Prequel Online

By Din Rose

The news of Eiichiro Oda's "One Piece Film: Gold" upcoming worldwide release creates headlines. Before watching the movie next year, everyone should see first its prequel: "One Piece: Heart of Gold." Luckily, it's available online! The adventures of the Straw Hat pirates in Gran Tesoro will start with Olga and Mad Treasure feat first.

"The Straw Hat pirates were caught with any adventure, this time with the Gran Tesoro pirates. Luffy D' Monkey will get a head-to-head action with its king, Gild Tesoro." This is the short summary for Luffy's adventure in "One Piece Film: Gold." Seemingly, a lot more exciting events happened before it.

According to The Bit Bag, "Numerous anime streaming sites have uploaded the film for streaming and download" referring to the soon-to-be-released movie's back story. Notably, "One Piece: Heart of Gold" has been a TV special released early this year.

Furthermore, the "One Piece Film: Gold" two-hour prequel starts with Dressrosa Arc. This is about Luffy D' Monkey's antics on the second island in the New World.

Crunchyroll reports, "One Piece: Heart of Gold" is about the encounter of The Straw Hat Pirates with Mad Treasure, "The Evilest Treasure Hunter in History." In the story, he was given a mission by Gild Tesoro to obtain the most coveted treasure "Pure Gold".

However, Mad Treasure needs Myskina Olga to find it. The girl is the one carrying the "Pure Gold" in her ring. Remarkably, it allows her to stay in youth until someone removes the legendary treasure.

Fortunately, Olga was rescued by Luffy and his gang in pursuit of Mad Treasure. That's where the chain of events led Straw Hat Pirates to Gran Tesoro. And, so "One Piece Film: Gold" adventure begins.

In all, "One Piece" fans can enjoy first "One Piece Film: Gold" prequel before it hits the big screen next year. For more latest news and updates, stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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