Dec 03, 2016 05:12 AM EST

7 Reasons Why Model Employees Resign From Their Jobs

Employees come and go for various reasons. The usual reason is the unreasonable boss who demands perfection even if he is not. Others quit their jobs due to pressures to do things that are against their principles. Stil,l others are looking for good working conditions. Some leave for greener pastures.

Even good and efficient employees quit their jobs. The resignation of these employees means extra cost for the company. The training expenses for new hires cost ------for the company. It is much higher if the employee has specialized skills.

Why good employees leave their employers? The fact that they are good employees means that they are employed in a good company. Otherwise, they cannot render efficient performance in a non-conducive work place.

Cheat Sheet shared some of the reasons good employees leave their jobs:

1. Underpayment - Good employees give up the jobs that do not promise them good pay. They believe that they can be paid much better elsewhere. Perhaps, a commitment to raise their salaries can make them stay for some time but it must be fulfilled as soon as possible.

2. No Opportunities For Advancement - Efficient employees understandably do not want to stagnate in their careers. If they see no opportunity for advancement in their current jobs, they will seek for it in another company.

3. Work Overload - Despite the fact that they are dependable employees, their productivity can wane if they are assigned tasks that are beyond their capacity to do.

4. Unreasonable Bosses - Good employees oftentimes do not leave their workplace to seek employment opportunities outside because of the job itself but because they hate their superiors. Not being open to questions and suggestions, favoritism, unreasonable targets and demands are some of the reasons that discourage a good worker.

5. No Recognition From Higher Management - praising and recognizing exemplary performances is not costly. Many good employees resign or retire from their ungrateful jobs.

6. The Absence of Challenges - Good employees say goodbye to their jobs because they get bored. They must be constantly challenged so that they have enough reasons to strive harder.

7. Corruption - Model employees quit their jobs if they see the corruption of any kind in the workplace. They do not want to be accomplices of any misdeed.

There are a lot more reasons why commendable employees seek other employments. However, these are the primary reasons that are found in most offices.

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