Dec 05, 2016 06:24 AM EST

'Hunter X Hunter' News & Updates: Togashi Given February 2017 Deadline, Still Suffering From Severe Back Pain

The creator of the hit manga and anime series "Hunter X Hunter" Yoshihiro Togashi is given a deadline to report back to work and finish the series. Togashi has been suffering from a back pain, which prevents him from working.

According to VineReport, "Hunter X Hunter" publisher, Shueisha Inc. has given Togashi until February 2017 to report back to work. The publisher has been hell bent on getting the creator to finish the manga series.

The last "Hunter X Hunter" chapter that was published was Chapter 360, which was published at the end of June 2016, more than five months ago. The series already took an almost two-year hiatus, stopping the publishing of new chapters in August 2014 and returning in April 2016.

Togashi has been suffering from a severe back pain, which disables him from continuing to work on the series. A report from Christian Daily a few months ago mentions that a more complicated disease is the reason for Togashi's severe back pain.

No word yet has been coming out regarding any updates about Togashi's health. So it's unclear if he will be able to meet Shueisha's deadline to continue "Hunter X Hunter." The problem is, Shueisha won't be waiting for Togashi as rumors have been circulating that the publisher is already looking for a replacement for the illustrator.

A previous report from Jobs&Hire mentioned that "Tokyo Ghoul" creator Shu Ishida as a possible replacement for Togashi. Another replacement is Togashi's own wife, Naoko Takeuchi, who is the creator of "Sailor Moon."

If Togashi is indeed to be replaced, his wife Takeuchi will be the perfect candidate to continue "Hunter X Hunter."  With Takeuchi taking over, fans are assured that there won't be significant changes in the series.

It is a fact that a manga series reflects a creator's personality, so Takeuchi working on "Hunter X Hunter" would make more sense than Ishida, as the former knows Togashi more. Nothing is still certain at the moment, as not much information is coming out. Hopefully, Togashi does recover and be able to continue working on "Hunter X Hunter." 

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