Dec 05, 2016 05:53 AM EST

Save Your Eyes: In-Depth Study Shows Outgoing Teenagers Have Better Eyesight Due To 'Ultraviolet B' Exposure That Prevents Myopia

By JC Santos

Teenagers who read, study and spend more time outside in the brightness of the sun reduces their likelihood to be nearsighted in the future. Exposure to Ultraviolet B Radiation and earning more Vitamin D helps prolong eye life and help prevent myopia or shortsightedness

According to, the study published in the JAMA Ophthalmology journal found people who spent more time outdoors -- even just reading books or people-watching -- had vastly reduced their risk for shortsightedness than those staring at smartphones and computers. The research used about 370 men and women with myopia and 2,800 people without sickness. All were given eye examinations, blood samples and their daily routine was observed to estimate the exposure to ultraviolet B rays.

The results showed that the higher the ultraviolet B exposure, the lower the risk for myopia. Activities outside along with exposure to ultraviolet B reduced risk of shortsightedness by 30 percent. Researchers have also discovered that people with large blood levels of lutein reduced their myopia risk by 43 percent.

The researchers pointed out that Myopia is becoming common worldwide as the world enters an age of technological information readily available through screens. As generations have more time to spend indoors, shortsightedness due to long exposures to bright lights are a main cause.

Aside from spending time outside to relax your eyes and soak up some ultraviolet B and vitamin D, according to, eating properly and proper relaxation is needed. Writing for the medical website, Dr Mao Shing Ni said that Vitamins A, C, E and proper intake of copper and zinc would help make one's eyesight better. Anyone spending a long time outdoors under the sun will need these nutrients to help protect the macula from sun damage.

People have to spend more time in front of computers as it can be part of their job. These jobs -- while needed -- are damaging to one's health. This is why medical professionals recommend everyone to have proper exercise and a good diet as daily work routines are damaging as they are.

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