Dec 05, 2016 06:25 AM EST

One Piece 849 Prediction: Sanji And Pudding’s Wedding Postponed? And The Meaning Behind Pudding’s Teary Goodbye

"One Piece" Chapter 849 will be an exciting one with Sanji and Pudding's wedding fast approaching, it seems that Pedro and Brook's actions could cause the ceremony to be postponed. Furthermore, the possible meaning of Pudding's teary goodbye to Luffy and Nami.

GameNGuide is saying that the intrusion of Pedro and Brooks inside Big Mom's treasure room could possibly cause the wedding ceremony to be postponed. It can be seen in "One Piece" Chapter 848 that the Yonko pirate is angry after hearing intruders are in her treasure room.

A recap of chapter 848 shows that Big Mom is in high spirits as her plans are slowly taking place. She even mentioned that she can forgive anything at that moment. But her expression turned into anger upon hearing that there are intruders who are in her treasure room.

The intruders, of course, are Pedro and Brooks, with the former causing a diversion as the latter infiltrated the treasure room to look for the poneglyphs. Will their action cause Big Mom to postpone Sanji and Pudding's wedding in "One Piece" Chapter 849?

Speaking of Pudding, in chapter 848 she visited Luffy and Nami in prison, apologizing for everything that happened. She also said that she was happy Sanji proposed to her but won't be marrying him because she believes Sanji was only being kind. She then whispered something to Luffy and Nami before giving them a teary goodbye.

The Bitbag is reporting that rumors are circulating that Pudding is planning to kill herself so that she won't have to marry Sanji. They said this is probably true as Pudding also believes that Lola is already dead.

Another rumor about the teary goodbye is that Pudding is planning to run away to avoid marrying Sanji, similar to what Lola did. Based on the reaction of Luffy and Nami on chapter 848, it is possible that Pudding is planning to kill herself.

If indeed she would just be running away, Luffy won't be shouting and reacting like he did and would probably have even invited her to be part of his crew. But with the way he reacted, indicated that pudding is going to do something drastic.

Will the wedding be postponed because of Pedro and Brook? And will Pudding Kill herself? Fans will soon find out when "One Piece" Chapter 849 comes out.

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