Aug 22, 2013 06:10 PM EDT

Georgia Tech Speech Turns Out Not As Epic After Rumors of Plagiarism Surfaced

While Georgia Tech's recent convocation speech video continues to go viral, archetype copy of epic-labeled piece had surfaced out of the blue, only to degrade its novelty as well as sophomore student Nicholas Selby's overnight reputation.

Nicholas "Nick" Selby, a sophomore at Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in mechanical engineering, wowed everyone during the school's convocation program; his welcome speech video not only gained million hits but also generated numerous comments and remarks through social media.

However, the uniqueness of the well-received piece turned out to be a complete hoax, as a 2008 video of Arizona State University debate champ Andy Stone's speech proved to be the original version, with almost 90% of its content copied by Selby, a Gawker post stated.

Based on credible research, Selby was once a member of the Speech, Theater, and Debate Company at Desert Vista High School, where Stone allegedly took part as assistant coach of the team in 2006.

Some readily believed that the speech given by Selby was apparently a rip-off of his former debate coach's, condemning the former's effort to establish a reputation by way of secretly plagiarizing a quality oration.

In relation to this, a unverified Reddit account caught the attention of many online viewers by claiming that Selby's speech was indeed inspired from Stone's 2008 piece, and the now-Sophomore Georgia Tech student made no reservations in crediting his former debate coach.

The alleged Georgia Tech Reddit account even explained how Selby tried to personally contact Stone to ask permission in delivering some parts of his speech in toto.

Despite the issue, many online bloggers and viewers are ready to give credit to Selby's own personal effort in delivering the epic speech in the most remarkable manner - one that it truly deserved, adding that it was more than enough for them to know that an account can attest to Nick's pure innocence on supposed plagiarism of such inspiring content.

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