Dec 05, 2016 03:57 AM EST

'Crash Bandicoot Remaster' Release Date, News & Update: 'N.Sane Trilogy' More Than An HD Remake? Developer Calls It 'Remaster Plus' [Watch]

Fans of the classic PlayStation sensation "Crash Bandicoot" are celebrating the fact that the "N.Sane Trilogy" was announced during the recently concluded E3 event. However, will it be a simple HD remake? Fans are teased by developers that it will be a whole lot more!

It seems that old classics from the PlayStation console are being remastered for the PlayStation 4 and the famous "Crash Bandicoot" is no exception. During the latest E3 event, the "N.Sane Trilogy" was announced and needless to say, fans are both excited and confused.

Many fans are wondering if they are in for a simple remake of the classic Crash games, or will developers dish out something special. According to Nerdist, The "N. Sane" trilogy will be a remaster of the original games with a huge aesthetic boost. Currently, the PlayStation team are deciding if it is possible to remaster the classic games or would it require them to start from scratch.

Eventually ,the developers played all the games lined up for a remaster in order to decipher what made them a huge hit in 1996 and what could be added in order to provide fans with a nostalgic feeling matched with amazing graphics in 2017. However, it is worth mentioning that some fans are rather disappointed that they are getting a remake of "Crash Bandicoot" instead of a fresh new game to enjoy.

According to Kotaku, during the PlayStation Experience Keynote held recently, the developer Vicarious Visions revealed that the upcoming "Crash Bandicoot" game is more of a "remaster plus." The tease sort of deepened the fans' confusion on what is to come, now fans aren't quite sure what to expect.

Perhaps the upcoming game will grace players with a graphical overhaul and some new features added to the original game. PlayStation has yet to reveal any more details about the upcoming "Crash Bandicoot" remake so stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more of the latest updates.

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