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Life Hacks and Routines From Successful Business Owners That You Can Use This 2017

Having a big company means having big responsibilities. Staying and maintaining your place at the top of other companies is another challenge. But successful businessmen has certain life hacks in life for this.

Forbes asked the successful business owners of the biggest companies with the same question: "What's one life-hack or routine that keeps you productive and/or organized as a startup CEO?" These are the answers from them:

CEO and co-founder of Opendoor - Eric Wu:

Focus only on 2 or 3 goals in every quarter, make sure that these are important; make sure to accomplish this on time.

Founder of HotelTonight - Sam Shank:

Be a morning person; never skip breakfast (most important meal of the day). Start the work early to be productive and can do a lot more work within the day. But never forget to sleep early because it is still important for people to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Co-founder of Mark43 - Scott Crouch:

Being productive as well as having a heavy schedule (especially if travelling is involved) is quite difficult. In order to do everything on time, pick up the great airline. It will be more efficient doing the work on air than doing everything on ground.

Co-founder of Boxed - Chieh Huang:

Before ending your day make sure you have "Inbox Zero." Check, read, and respond to all the emails within that day, so that when tomorrow comes, you will still stay on top.

Co-founder of Checkr - Daniel Yanisse:

Be proper and make sure to prioritize what is high your schedule. Never asked or agree with a meeting by just picking up  time; make your schedule in control.

Co-founder of Fuze - Steve Kokinos:

Use a group messaging application with your team; share your thoughts and ideas. This will avoid losing these ideas and you can discuss all of it later on.

Co-founder of Gigster - Roger Dickey:

Be protective with your time. Avoid making unnecessary meetings or somehow limit it. This will help you to hire more employees, and to think ahead on what will happen next.

CEO of GoFundMe - Rob Solomon:

Attend only those important meetings. Give importance with your time so that you can also give time for yourself to think.

Co-founder and CEO of Guardant Health - Helmy Eltoukhy:

Review the things that you need to finish within the day. Make a list to make sure you prioritize what's important and not.

Co-founder and CEO of Freshdesk - Girish Mathrubootham:

Try to unwind, and have some games; do not be uptight. Avoid being overwhelmed with a lot of issues in your work. Give time on yourself and focus on the game sometimes.

Founder of Procore Technologies - Tooey Courtemanche:

Know who are the people that involves in the meeting. Familiarize all the people that has a role in your company.

Co-founder and CEO of Rubrik - Bipul Sinha:

Trust your company as well as the team in the company regarding their work. Learn what are their needs in the company, be with them and make your company as one, or whole.

CEO of Sisense - Amir Orad:

Have some time alone to think. Even though you have a heavy schedule in your calendar, reserve at least one day for yourself.

 Founder of Talkdesk - Tiago Paiva:

An executive assistant can also make a big impact in the company.

Co-founder of Owlet Babycare - Kurt Workman:

Make a backlog, weekly. Being a CEO means building up your own tasks everyday.

Co-founder of Tenable Network Security - Jack Huffard:

At least block 3 hours of your time within the day. Use this to make a return call, reply to messages and emails, reading, and to prepare for the upcoming meeting. This is essential in achieving the important things.

These are the life hacks from successful business owner. Though, each individual still have the ability on how to handle a certain work. Jobs & Hire also shares on some business tips to be successful provided with an actual plan.

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