Dec 06, 2016 06:25 PM EST

‘Twin Star Exorcists,’ ‘Erased’ and 4 More Anime That Are Worth Checking Out


There are a lot of anime shows to choose from, but fans (and even non-fans) usually gravitate towards the popular and well-known anime like "Dragon Ball Super," "One Piece," and more. However, there are also other good anime out there that are worth checking out.

These good anime shows usually airs under the radar of casual fans and people who are not really into anime but still enjoy watching. Most of the anime to be mentioned here are new, airing only this year.

Though there are a lot of good anime shows that came out in 2016, there are those that stood out. With that, here are six must watch anime shows.

The first is "Twin Star Exorcists," which Otakukart says will be enjoyed by fans of the hit manga and anime series "Bleach." Though the new anime doesn't feature a lot of sword fighting, its storyline is somehow similar to that of the popular anime and manga series.

Next, would be "Erased," a series that WhatCulture says perfectly presents love and hate, childhood and adulthood, and right and wrong. The show centers on Satoru traveling back in time to his childhood while maintaining all of his present memory, to prevent a serial killer from murdering his classmate.

The third anime would be "Drifter," a sci-fi samurai anime that centers on three great warriors from different generations combining their strengths to save beings known as elves from enslavement. The three warriors are war survivors and are sent to a different dimension to use their talents to save the elves.

The fourth anime is "Mob Psycho 100," who shares the same creator with the very popular "One Punch Man." The funny and light anime show are about a young boy named Shigeo Kageyama who possess extraordinary spiritual powers but has trouble dealing with his everyday life, especially with interacting with his fellow students.

The next anime is "Soul Buster," a card game anime that takes its inspiration from "Yu Gi Oh." The main difference is that the characters of the anime can only use ancient warriors who were once alive, to battle other characters' own warriors.

The last anime that is a must-see is "March Comes In Like A Lion," an ongoing anime that centers on a 17-year old professional Shogi player called Rei, who is taken in by three sisters in order to convince him to live. The show features the everyday struggle the protagonist experiences and the traditional Japanese chess.

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