Dec 06, 2016 06:23 PM EST

Job Hunting Tips: 5 Tactics Job Seekers Must Employ To Beat Out Stiff Job Search Competition

Ever tried talking to a person that was hired for the same job you were shooting for? Ever wondered why a certain applicant gets the hiring manager's nod when the job seekers have the same qualifications and same length of experience. Here are 5 tactics a job seeker can employ to beat out competition during a job search.

A job seeker must perform a few tasks before sending out the CV and cover letters to employers. According to the US News, it is important that job seekers update their social profiles. Recruiters nowadays comb social networks or try to Google potential candidates.

After updating their profiles, the job seeker must research the company's background. Knowing a company's goals and visions are always an added advantage especially during interviews since the job seeker can verse an answer that relates closely to that of the company.

A report from The Telegraph highlights the importance of creating a CV and cover letter that would stand out from the crowd. The applicant must create a CV and cover letter that are free of grammatical and spelling errors. The CV and cover letter must highlight the job seekers' experiences and interests to match that the needs of the employer.

Once a job seeker gets the nod from the recruiter, it's time for the interview. According to The Balance, most of the time, interaction during interviews dictate whether a job seeker would get the job or not. In order for an applicant to win the job, the job seeker must prepare professional answers to potential questions. The job seeker must also pay total attention to his physical appearance and make sure that his or her appearance means that the applicant means business.  

During the actual dialogue, the job seeker must remain calm at all times as this communicates the abilities of the applicant in handling pressure. Also, these interactions have a bearing in potential-employee consideration. So from the phone interview to the actual interview, the job seeker must remember that each and every interaction matters.

If employed correctly, these 5 tactics would help job seekers in beating out even the stiffest competition during a job search. Armed with these job hunting tips, a job seeker can catch the hiring manager's attention and bring the applicant a step closer to landing the job he or she applied for.  

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