Dec 07, 2016 06:29 AM EST

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Giveaways: Claim Two Mythical Pokemon this Christmas!

December brings Meloetta and Magearna to Pokemon players as the final part to the game’s 20-year anniversary celebration.

In line with this month’s season of giving (as well as receiving), one can claim these two pocket creatures, Meloetta and Magearna, online. This is part of game’s anniversary giveaway that involved a Mythical creature being given every month since February.

When can you claim them? Meloetta will last only until December 24 for players of X/Y and Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby while Magearna is now available for an indefinite period for Sun and Moon owners.

Meloetta is a mythical creature whose melodies have the power to make any Pokemon that hears them happy or sad. To get it, go to the main menu and choose ‘Receive Gift’ and Meloetta can make your Christmas very happy.

Choose to claim it via internet. Step by step instructions can be found here in this website.

On the other hand, the Pokedex states that Magearna is as an artificial creation by an intelligent scientist five centuries ago. It has the ability to perceive the feelings and emotions, suffering and pain, of other Pokemon and will try its hardest to save them.

Unlike Meloetta, one must finish the main story of Sun and Moon first in order to receive Magearna. It is only when you have accomplished that can you open up the in-game QR scanner and scan the code found here.

Afterwards, pay the deliveryman a visit at the Antiquities of the Ages store located in Hau’oli City and you will then have your Pokemon in your hands! Unlike Meloetta, Magearna is available indefinitely so you do not need to worry and stress about finishing the game in time.

Previous giveaways were Genesect (November), Keldeo (October), and Victini (September). Claim these rare finds now!

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