Dec 07, 2016 05:22 AM EST

Samsung Galaxy S8 Updates: Device Will Come Into Two Sizes; Will Feature Stereo from Harman Kardon!

Samsung company anticipates the ending of the year to reveal the explosion result of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Another thing is, this coming 2017, the company will launch its latest model; Samsung Galaxy S8.

Even though the device wasn't officially released at all, rumors about its new features and specifications runs over the internet. According to Android Headlines, Samsung Galaxy S8 may come up with two sizes. The device may also have a feature speaker or possibly a stereo with some kind of Harman Kardon branding.

Reportedly, Samsung company is trying to develop its latest smartphone to somehow lift the weight from Galaxy Note 7 issues. After its global recall, the company need to gain a little more trust to the users. In order to do this, developing the Galaxy S8 in a different way rather than the usual Galaxy S will make a bridge to separate the gap of Galaxy Note and Galaxy S.

Meanwhile, the sizes of the new Galaxy S8 are said to be: 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch. With a 4K Super AMOLED display for the latter, this may be a good thing because it will have a high resolution which is a good use for virtual reality.

On the other hand, the version of 5.7-inch is reportedly a replacement from the standard model, Galaxy S. The ballooning screen size does not necessary mean ballooning the size of the phone; just like the other phone that have a ballooning screen sizes but the phone itself is not large, such as: Huawei Mate 9 and LG V20.

In addition to this report, the Galaxy S8 is said to have a stereo form Harman Kardon branding. This will possibly be included on the upcoming device. Though, Samsung company already revealed that Harman Kardon branding will be part of company, but not this coming 2017, it will be in 2018 instead.

Another report from Jobs & Hire, Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to have a new digital assistant. It already purchased the Viv Labs; a new feature like Google Assistant, Cortana, as well as Siri. The new digital assistant of the new smartphone can handle any languages for different queries.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is surely one of the anticipated device this coming 2017. But there's still no confirmation from the company if when will it be released; as it only says that this will not be launched till the month of April next year.

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