Dec 07, 2016 05:50 AM EST

CompTIA Analysis Reveals IT Positions Had Increased By 1,400 In November

By JC Santos

About 1,400 jobs in information technology are currently available in the American jobs market in November, marking its fifth consecutive month of jobs growth. The IT industry has added more than 79,500 new jobs in software and services with an average of 1,400 alone in November. Occupations including computer and electronics products manufacturing, software and applications development and information database management.

According to, CompTIA -- a leading world technology association -- used the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Employment Situation report and inferred from the BLS collected data that the IT sector has added 79,500 jobs in 2016. Within the last five months, the IT industry had reduced nine months of job deficits. The CompTIA analysis shows that data processing, hosting and related services are down by 2,100 in November. Telecommunications and search portals are down by 2,000 and 800 jobs respectively.

The IT sector is one of the biggest contributors to America's stabilizing economy. According to The Guardian, the US economy had added 178,000 estimated jobs in different industries with employers eager to hire new workers at a faster pace.

In an age where businesses depend on fast technologies, those with employees familiar with computer software and use these software applications to improve company processes have an edge. According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, each American congressional district has earned more than 30,000 new "high-tech" jobs that focus on technological innovation to improve productivity and competitiveness.

The increase of jobs in the US -- signifying a better employment market -- would allow the US Federal Reserve to raise its interest rates before the year ends. According to Center for Economics and Business Research Consultant Kay Daniel Neufeld, the US Federal Reserve may decide to increase their interest rates by December.

International IT companies are rushing to buy US assets in an attempt to beat the Trump Visa deadline that would restrict access to immigrants and foreign workers with improper credentials. Companies including Infosys and Wipro are trying to secure their local departments in America to ensure they can provide IT services without interruptions.

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