Dec 07, 2016 09:18 AM EST

iPhone 8 News & Updates: 10th Anniversary Phone Will Have No Home Button And Sapphire Display

A lot of rumors have been circulating regarding the designs and features of the 10th-anniversary installment of Apple's iconic iPhone series. The latest update is saying that the iPhone 8 will have no home button and a sapphire display.

According to CNET, there are signs that Apple is ready to ditch the home button of the iPhone 8. The company has already experimented with changing the home button with the iPhone 7, so the 10th-anniversary phone could ditch it altogether.

What Apple will probably do is replace the home button with a "solid-state button" that users won't need to click. With the new home button, the iPhone 8 "shivers with haptic feedback" every time the users touch the solid button, letting them know it's working. The iOS10 could also play a role here, automatically surfacing an on-screen button in case the home button doesn't work.

Aside from having no home button, there are also rumors that the iPhone 8 would have a sapphire display. iTech Post reports that talks of a sapphire display for Apple's iPhone series have been circulating since last year. And the iPhone 8 could be the phone that supports that feature.

It is said that the sapphire display will be stronger than the Gorilla Glass that most smartphones use today. Apple Watches have actually been using the sapphire display already, so it's possible that the iPhone 8 will feature it when it releases next year.

There are also rumors that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging but it will depend largely on Foxconn Technology, according to a previous report of Jobs&Hire. It was reported that the company was developing wireless technology for Apple but they still need to boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level for the feature to be available on the 10th-anniversary installment of the iPhone series.

Though there are already a lot of rumors and speculation about the iPhone 8's features and design, Apple has actually been silent about it. So everyone will just have to wait until next year, or when Apple finally makes an official announcement about its 10th-anniversary smartphone. 

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