Dec 08, 2016 05:30 AM EST

'Halo'-Famed Game Studio Bungie Dropped Flagship Franchise Because It Is 'Living The Dream' With 'Destiny'

By JC Santos

Almost every gamer knows game studio and developer Bungie for the "Halo" series of games. Main character badass Master Chief and his journey to destroy the evil sentience in the universe became synonymous with the ambitions of Bungie and publisher Microsoft. But Bungie stepped out of "Halo's" spotlight after it released "Destiny" -- Bungie's true "living the dream" state -- in 2014.

According to, interviewing Destiny community manager David "Deej" Dague, "Destiny" has millions of active players monthly and Bungie continues to keep up demand with new events, bonuses and freebies. According to Dague, "Destiny" is what "Bungie" has envisioned for themselves for a long time."

He said Bungie wanted to have a game that they can constantly update and respond to players' demands in real time. He also said this was Bungie "living the dream" -- not tied down to the "Halo" series that depends on a traditional release date.

Bungie is also set to release its newest update to its first MMORPG with Destiny 2. According to, Bioware -- the company behind the famed game series "Mass Effect" -- Lead Producer Cameron Lee announced that he has joined Destiny Developer Bungie as an Executive Producer on a new project. Activision will be publishing Bungie's second Destiny effort.

In the "Halo" universe, "Halo 5 Forge" -- a map editor for the game -- is getting a steady stream of updates such as "Monitor's Bounty" that would combine new scripting techniques allowing players to create variations of game types they would like to create. The scripting system also allows players to modify about 64 objects simultaneously.

As for Bungie, future "Halo" games may or may not include their involvement -- given of course their permission. But the future is bright for the once-small company that began a memorable military franchise since 2001.

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