Dec 08, 2016 03:20 AM EST

‘The 100’ Season 4 Air date, Spoiler, Latest News & Update: No Bellamy-Clarke Romance Confirmed? Bellamy Dies First!

By Din Rose

Apparently, the dark times will be enveloping "The 100" Season 4 soon. There's so much news today of impending deaths on the TV series, and one soon to die is Bellamy. Now, the fans are clamoring for Bellamy-Clarke romance, it seems the latter will have another heartbreak on the way.

Another heart-stopping adventure will be seen on "The 100" season 4, it is said that CW's TV show will open another story from the last it had.

According to GamenGuide,"Despite his physical strength and leadership qualities, Bellamy does not deserve to be among the righteous who survives in "The 100" Season 4." This is the sad reality that Bellamy is facing, he did so many things that badly affected the others.

Now, Bellamy is predicted to go head first, and it will have something to do with the nuclear apocalypse. There are actually two probable scenarios on his death. The first could be a heroic feat, where he sacrifices himself.

The second could be about his inability to be righteous. "Bellamy's story has been one bad decision after the next," Jason Rothenberg thinks that this will really be his end.

On the other hand, Clarke may lose another loved one in this case. The protagonist already lost her Alexa before, and it will be another sorrowful heartbreak. Supposedly, the fans are already in favor of the two's romance, iTech Post reports.

Nonetheless, it is said before that there's actually a low chance for Bellarke. It seems that Clarke still needs to move on from her soulmate's death. Also, she was portrayed as a bi-sexual, that will be a huge impact on the two's possible love affair in case.

In all, the rumor mill is rich with information but everything will still go down on the airing of "The 100" season 4. The series will have a huge comeback on February 1, 2017.

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