Dec 12, 2016 05:31 AM EST

Former Samsung engineers unveils 'Smart Tech Umbrellas'

Isn't it a great idea if your own umbrella warns you if it was going to rain before leaving the house every morning? This idea is behind from Opus One (another) Smart Brolly. Collaborated with the mind of the former engineers of Samsung.

The Smart Tech Umbrella connects to your smartphone with the Bluetooth and it gathers weather reports every day. Just simply shake the handle and a light will flash red or green, depending on what weather will be coming.

However, that's not only the function of the device. Opus One will also come up with Smartphone notification in the form of vibrations. The handle will vibrate when there's something you need to check and let you inform when there's an incoming call or message. In inclusion, the handle doubles as a Bluetooth tether, so if you leave your phone behind, the other one device will let you inform before you go too far away, Both device work in that way vice versa. The designers did a wise construction, they crafted the water-repellent top out of a premium pongee fabric coated in weatherproofing, while outfitting the interior shafts of sturdy fiberglass to ensure supreme durability.

According to Opus One, they designed to use a four piece of AAA battery, rather than a built-in battery, for it will last for a year with normal use. It was already distributed in Japan and Korea, costing for roughly $105 (10,778 yen) but its recent release into the news world suggests the firm is looking to expand. The startup is still surveying for distributors to get its products out in the Western World though. In fact, the head of the company watched a lot of Kingsman: The secret Service during the development phase. And apparently the team come up with design of England in conception, since handles designed either in the figure of a bowler-hatted gentleman or a Queen's guard.

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