Dec 09, 2016 01:55 AM EST

Nintendo Mini NES Classic Latest News & Update: Where To Buy Them? Find Out Where You Can Catch The Retro Gaming Console

The holiday season is just around the corner and people are still finding it difficult to purchase the Nintendo Mini NES Classic. Fans of the retro gaming console are hunting them down like an elusive beast and not having much success. Here are possible locations where you can catch them!

According to CNET, Amazon Video Games sent out a tease suggesting that the online selling giant, Amazon, is possibly going to have the Nintendo Mini NES Classic in their inventory soon. A follow-up tweet confirms that the NES Classic Editions are currently available in limited supply in Seattle, Portland, and San Diego.

Fans of the Mini NES Classic have been eagerly waiting for Nintendo to resupply the numerous retail outlets and the online stores. These stores reported that the retro gaming console have been sold out since before the Black Friday Sale, and the recently concluded Cyber Monday Sale. Jobs & Hire reported that Nintendo have made a promise to consumers that they would be "working hard to keep up with consumer demand."

And it looks like Nintendo kept its promise. In another report, Lifehacker Australia suggests that Mini NES Classic hunters may want to try the Target online store. Target has confirmed that the rare beast of a console will be on sale from December 12.

Best Buy also confirms that they are re-stocking the NES Classic starting December 20. The console will be available in their stores on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Meanwhile, ThinkGeek announced that they meant to do a Hunger-Games-Style Showdown for consumers to get the NES Classic, but instead, they are going to do a lottery-type sale on December 12. If consumers want the NES, they will have to enter the raffle and then the winners will be selected and emailed a unique code and link that would allow them to purchase the gaming device.

Classic NES hunters should also keep their their eye out for the Nintendo Store in New York which is reportedly restocking Mini NES Classic at its original price once in a while. Fans are encouraged to tune in to the store's social media accounts for the latest info.

And if all of that fails, there is always eBay. Consumers are reporting that a few NES Classics has found its way to eBay but can be had for a ridiculous price. But if you don't want to go hunting and prepared to shell out more money than the $59.99 original price, then eBay is the way to go.

So there it is, the best possible locations of the fantastic Nintendo Mini NES Classic. It's time to catch them. Happy hunting!

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