Dec 09, 2016 08:24 AM EST

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Banks On Chinese Box Office Featuring Footage of 'Ip Man ' Donnie Yen and Chinese Director-Actor Jiang Wen

By JC Santos

The world's second biggest economy saw a glimpse of what the galactic rebellion looks like with actors from their own soil. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" displays Hong Kong martial arts star Donnie Yen and Chinese director-actor Jiang Wen in a trailer specifically designed for the market. The movie -- showing in Chinese theaters on January 6 -- is the latest installment for the movie series "Star Wars."

"Ip Man"-famed Martial Arts actor Donnie Yen will play Chirrut Imwe, a blind warrior who is likely a martial arts character -- the first of his kind in the "Star Wars" series. He will not be armed with a lightsaber as he is no Jedi but he will fight with a stick and his agility.

Jiang Wen's character Baze Malbus is more mysterious than Yen. According to Cinemablend, Wen described his character as a "weapons enthusiast" and a "first-class gun nut" who conceals weapons in all parts of his gear. His character is another first for the series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wen's character in the trailer was planting explosives in different structures in the series. This is clear indication that both Wen and Yen are major supporting characters to Felicity Jones' leading act.

"Rogue One" will hit China's box office on January 6, three weeks ahead of the North American release. The latest "Star Wars" movie is not an official "Episode" but more of a stand-alone movie that according to actor Riz Ahmed -- who will play cargo-pilot turned rebel Bodhi -- feels more like a "war movie" that has a combination of the old and new "Star Wars."

Jiang Wen, Donnie Yen and a huge cast of colored characters make "Rogue One" one of the most culturally diverse "Star Wars" movies yet. Danish Mads Mikkelsen, Forest Whitaker and Mexican Actor Diego Luna join up with Riz Ahmed and the two Asian mercenaries to complete Jyn Erso -- Felicity's character -- and her team of saboteurs.

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" will show in North American theaters on December 16 and January 6 in Chinese theaters. Watch the official Chinese trailer below!

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