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Technology & Entrepreneurship: Why Internet Marketing Should Be Part Of Every Business?

Many entrepreneurs are still tied to the old marketing strategies, giving them a hard time establishing a known identity in the market. While traditional marketing strategies are the fundamentals of marketing, some of these do not actually worth the money and hard work anymore. There is a need to take the business into a whole new paradigm - the Internet.

People's engagement on the Internet becomes more and more frequent. According to study, people spend over 27 hours on the Internet each week, and 20% of it is spent on social media websites. This is a good news for entrepreneurs. This means it would be much easier to connect with target customers online than it is in real world. This is where Internet Marketing comes to play.

For example, before making any future purchases, most people rely on the Internet to get as much information as necessary to make a wise decision about a certain purchase. So, the customer is basically searching for a website. Internet Marketing is just the right tool to pull out your website or website contents as a result of the search - this would be through SEO - allowing the business to be seen by millions of people. Social media is also a perfect channel for Internet Marketing. In a report by Chron, social media is the most common medium used by most people to search for a product online.

To wrap it up, Internet Marketing simply helps in increasing visibility in the market as entrepreneurs can now have a more direct way to engage with their target customers. Apart from that, Internet Marketing helps in creating, organizing, and reusing of business data to track customer-product engagements - an activity that allows every business owner to predict the future of the company, which is less achievable with traditional marketing.

Here are a few reasons why Internet Marketing is important in every business:

Increased visibility

With millions of people that surge the Internet, there is a higher probability of any enterprise to be recognized in the market much more than it would do in a brick-and-mortar.

Countless connections

In that 20% social media engagement, 14% goes to Facebook. With social media on the rise, Internet Marketing offers a whole new bait.


It's not enough to have a website published on the web. It must be coupled with great Internet Marketing strategy to keep up with many businesses that have gone online.

Internet Marketing sounds like a complex endeavor. However, with the right team, IM is acutally easy-peasy.

For more business tips, check out a report by Jobs & Hire about the impact of social skills in business.

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