Dec 10, 2016 04:16 AM EST

US President-Elect Donald Trump Still Fails To Gain People’s Trust; Women Issues Will Impossibly Be Disregarded

By Kath Bane

After Donald Trump won the US presidential election, he gained more supporters and haters, not just in the country. Poll surveys cited that he still has a long way to pave in winning the trust of the nation.

During the campaign period, various controversies and issues were thrown his way. Since he has gained supporters and haters at the same time, it seemed like Trump will really have a long way ahead of him.

The Pew Research Center revealed the results of their latest national survey showing the percentages of Trump's approval and overall rate. The survey consisting of 1,502 adults was conducted on Nov. 30 to Dec. 5.

According to the result, only 40% of them approved Trump's "cabinet choices and high-level appointments". The survey also noted that he gained 41% approval rate on his accomplished jobs, policies, and future plans.

This led to the comparison of the result to the previous approval rates for the past administration. In December 2008, Barack Obama gained 71% approval on his cabinet choices and 72% approval on his policies and future plans. George W. Bush's high-level appointments brought 58% rating in January 2001 before his inauguration while he had 50% rating on his policies and future plans.

Although low, the overall result observed some significant changes from the previous surveys. Before the election, 25% Americans voted that Trump will be a good president while 57% insisted that he will be terrible. The latest survey showed that 35% Americans voted that Trump will be a good president. It increased from 25% in October prior to the election. About 18% thinks he will be average while 38% insisted that he will be terrible, marking a decrease from 57%.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported that Trump's issues regarding women will unlikely disappear. It seemed like his problems and attitude toward women would still become an issue. The news also supported their claims through a video advertisement using seductive concepts and sexy models.

Various Trump controversies and issues continue to emerge. Some of them involve the Russian aggression, conflicts with union local president, climate change stands, and much more. These issues add up to the reasons why people find him difficult to trust.

US President-elect Donald Trump still have long years to win the confidence of the people. Don't forget to share your thought with us!

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