Dec 10, 2016 07:42 AM EST

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Games On Day One? Final Fantasy XV’s Latest Patch Points Otherwise

Most games right now don't usually come out complete, as developers usually opt to come out with a playable game and just update it along the way, which makes purchasing a game on launch day a bad idea. Take the latest "Final Fantasy XV" patch, which will add new content.

According to Kotaku, Square Enix's latest update to Final Fantasy XV will not only fix certain bugs and issues in the game but add content as well. Hajime Tabata of Square Enix said that the latest updates will increase the fans and players experience in playing the game.

"We have been listening to your ideas on how to make the game experience even better," Tabata said. "And so in addition to the previously announced content, we'll be providing free updates to the game throughout the coming year."

One major concern that players have been complaining about Final Fantasy XV is that key characters like Ravus are confusing to players as they are not really sure about his motivation. Chapter 13 is also a source of complaints as the story seems to drag on for too long.

But with the new update, these issues will already be fixed together with the other bugs that have been plaguing the game. For more details about Square Enix's latest patch for Final Fantasy XV, visit Jobs&Hire.

The latest patch is already on top of the previously announced DLC that features co-op multiplayer and packs for each character. Which clearly show that, more often than not, it is not anymore advisable to purchase the game on launch day.

The good news about all of this is that fans of Final Fantasy XV will get to enjoy these patch updates for free throughout the coming year. This of course also means that more updates about the game are to be expected. 

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