Dec 12, 2016 04:54 AM EST

Bose 'Hearphones' Let You Regulate The Volume Of The Outside World: Price and Release Date Yet To Be Announced!

By JC Santos

Earbuds are the future of pocket audio and renowned audio equipment manufacturer Bose knows what it needs. Instead of focusing on an earbud's noise-cancelling features, designers applied a unique concept to the Bose "Hearphones;" they let you focus on audio you want to hear and phase out ambient noise where you need it.

According to Engagdet, Bose designers achieve this by installing speculated micro-microphones into the earbuds that give way to amplify and reduce real world sounds. The "Hearphones" will not only play music but will allow you to focus on people talking inside a loud bar as an example. The official "Hearphones" website shows in its photos that you can control the level of outside noise and certain equalization parameters using your smartphone.

The manufacturer has not indicated a release date and a price point for the new device. It is inviting individuals to experience the "Hearphones" in select Bose centers nationwide.

Earbuds and headphones with noise-cancelling features consumers seek in retail stores. Bose's own pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones -- the Bose QuietComfort 35 -- is one such example. It allows users to cancel out background noise allowing them to hear clear audio. Noise-cancelling headphones are favored by students and office employees in deep concentration -- or if one just wants to shut out the noise of the outside world.

The issue with noise-cancelling headphones is one's absent-minded walks outside. It is great to listen to even at low volumes providing great clarity but one must be mindful of their surroundings especially when crossing traffic or while driving. Hearing warns people about possible imminent dangers that prepare them for action when possible.

Aside from the "Hearphones" becoming a future earbuds and headphones trend, wireless headphones will continue to become trending. The trend, initially jump-started by Apple's iPhone7 and its infamous absence of a 3mm jack for traditional headphones, audio manufacturers are stepping up production and quality of Bluetooth headphones.

Bose's new "Hearphones" will surely deliver as had its noise-cancelling varieties. If the concept is applied well from paper to production, it can be the evolution headphones need in the future.

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