Dec 12, 2016 05:19 AM EST

Reasons To Why the U.S.A Is Losing More Manufacturing Jobs Than Germany And Asian Countries

By vicmariki

Most huge and successful manufacturing companies in the US currently manufacture all their goods in other countries other than the US. With china leading on this list, most economics have agreed that the most common reason for this is the availability of significantly low-wages elsewhere.

Another reason would be automation. In this Era of Far-greater inventions and technology, many automated industries have emerged and hence eliminating the labor needed to accomplish the said Job. In the same way that people lost their Jobs in agriculture when machine entered the picture, we can see even more of this happening now even with the ever-growing population.

According to Forbes, President-elect Donald trump's win was unthought of by the media and many people throughout the globe. The effects of his victory were sensed all over the world with the stock levels seriously dropping. This however changed when Trump gave a pro-growth economic policies speech on November 9. Markets around the world now seem to have recovered

Trump also has companies which are now managed by his children. Most of his companies manufacture their goods outside the US. If Trump is going to try to put reforms to bring back the manufacturing process to the American people, then he would be expected to do the same for his mega-companies.

Compared to Germany, USA has proportionately lost more manufacturing jobs. A good example for this is between 2000 and 2009, Germany only lost 11% of the country's manufacturing Jobs while U.S. lost up to 33%.

According to Industryweek, In order to see transformation firstly,  the Government has to put tax policies that will encourage investors to employ labor within the US itself. Secondly, the Manufacturing firms should be able to focus not only on the short-term shareholder's income but also what manufacturing industries will in turn contribute to the US economy.

In order to solve this Job crisis, President-elect Donald Trump and his policy makers have a chance to revolve this around. This can be done by making attractive offers to the investors, lowering tax and enforcing or requiring firms to employ labor from the US. 

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