Dec 12, 2016 05:20 AM EST

'The Sims 5' Latest News & Updates: Additional Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Features; Release Expected in 2017

"The Sims" is one of the famous stimulation games, and it is also one of the best-selling games. EA Maxis developed it and Electronic Arts (EA) published it. The game's latest update was "The Sims 4: City Living" which was released in September 2014, it was already two years ago. Now, there are rumors and speculations there will be "The Sims 5" this coming 2017.

According to GameNGuide, the gap of development in every update of "The Sims" was minimum of three years and maximum of five; developing the latest version of the said game may be impossible as stated by some game experts. But then, EA Games may possibly published the latest "The Sims 5" this coming 2017. Creating the said game only takes more than two years so 2017 may be possible for its release.

Even though the game was not yet out and released, there are already rumors about it. According to some speculations and rumors, EA Games may possibly franchise VR- features or Virtual Reality for the first time. Another additional development of the game is, it may have a 360-degree feature. If these two will really be included, gamers can use their gestures rather than using the hand controls while playing the game.

In another report, turning the game into something different among the others may cost a little more budget in developing. The previous series of "The Sims" reportedly spent only small budget. But if EA Games will franchise Virtual Reality and 360-degree features, probably "The Sims 5" really need a huge amount of budget.

As of now, EA Games did not make any confirmation and they did not deny any of these rumors either. While waiting for "The Sims 5," gamers can play "The Sims 4: City Living" and the other one, which is the latest "The Sims 4: Vintage Glamour," as reported by Jobs & Hire.

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