Dec 12, 2016 05:12 AM EST

Samuel L. Jackson On Will Smith 'Oscar Bait:' 'It's Another One Of Those "Sniff The Roses" Movies;' Comments On Hollywood Film Diversity

By JC Santos

Veteran renowned Hollywood actor and Quentin Tarantino-favorite Samuel L. Jackson received his Lifetime Achievement Award from the Dubai International Film Festival. In an interview, Jackson talked about cultural diversity in Hollywood as well as the numeric repetitions of "Oscar bait" films.

Debuting in "Pulp Fiction," Jackson had an Oscar nomination for himself during the time. According to Screen Crush, he shared an opinion in an interview with The Wrap. He said the increasing politics about color in Hollywood is reflected in the film "Manchester By The Sea."

He said the color-inclusive film is still not inclusive because it is a "black film." He goes to say that "where are the white people?" as the first question of moviegoers after their initial watch. Screen Crush pointed out that Jackson was probably pointing out that cast diversity and film diversity -- meaning making more films such as "Manchester By The Sea" -- is also important.

Samuel L. Jackson also pounced at films he called "Oscar bait." Concentrating his opinion on Will Smith's new film "Collateral Beauty" he said "I was looking at this trailer for this Will Smith movie the other day and I'm like, really?" He said it was another one of those "Oh my god, life is so wonderful" and "sniff the roses" movies.

Jackson is highly opinionated when it comes to film and American politics. Throughout the election of US President-Elect Trump, Jackson has voiced his immediate opposition. According to Hollywood Reporter, during his stay in Dubai's International Film Festival, he said, "Hopefully he (Trump) won't destroy Hollywood."

In the 2012 US Election, Samuel L. Jackson appeared in numerous advertisements that were noticeably pro-Democratic Presidential Candidate and now-US President Barack Obama. In the video, he appeared to warn people of the possibility of a Republican Candidate Mitt Romney being president.

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