Dec 12, 2016 05:46 AM EST

iPhone 8 Specs & Features: Rear Surface Touch Controls Might Be In Store For Apple’s iPhone 8

Apple fan boys who are eagerly waiting for the release of iPhone 8 have been speculating about what the new design will be.

Rumors that Apple will release iPhone 8 with no home button and the TouchID sensor under the screen have been floating around, but Forbes reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook could be planning to add rear surface touch controls to iPhone 8.

Patently Apple reported that recently disclosed patents from Apple include a filing for rear surface touch controls. iPhone 8 could very well be the first Apple phone that would feature this design. The patent provided details on Apple's plan to put touch sensors on the side of its next device, which could be iPhone 8.

If Apple decides to use the rear surface touch controls patent for iPhone 8, the next phone might no longer have physical buttons. Apple's iPhone 8 could feature embedded touch sensors that would serve as volume controls instead of the currently used physical buttons.

Should Apple push ahead with the new design for iPhone 8, it could herald great things for Apple fans. After iPhone 8, other Apple phones could feature a fully functional back surface with touch controls for scrolling or page turning.

Patently Apple reported that Apple is also considering adding touch zones on backsides of its devices to give users a bigger surface for their visual information. However, it is not yet clear whether Apple will utilize the patent for iPhone 8.

Implementing the technology for iPhone 8 would certainly be a game-changer for Apple. Apple would lead the race to fully using all available surfaces of the iPhone 8 if it pushes through with the plan to add rear surface controls on its next device. As previously reported on Jobs & Hire, Apple is planning to launch iPhone 8 in 2017.

What other features would you like Apple to add to its iPhone 8?


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