Dec 13, 2016 09:46 AM EST

Breaking Tech News This Week: Microsoft, Amazon, Slack, Google And Facebook Are All Up To Something

The most up-to-date news on what has happened in the tech world this week is here! Sneak peek in a few words: Microsoft and LinkedIn's "marriage", Amazon's grocery store's surprise, Xero and Apple Pay's integration, Slack and Google's team-up, and Facebook's plan to compete with Slack and Microsoft.  

Forbes reports that after the long wait, Microsoft and LinkedIn seemed to have finally "found their way into each other's arms" and are now about to team up to provide more convenient connections to their users. The Wall Street Journal reported Microsoft finally buying off LinkedIn with its $26 billion dollar worth.

This is believed to be of help to the millions of businessmen and professionals who use LinkedIn as a means to acquire network contacts. Now, their business profiles could be linked to their emails via Microsoft Outlook.

Next up is online-disrupting news. Amazon's recently announced their online grocery and convenience store's upcoming launch this 2017 to be held in Seattle. It will be called Amazon Go, and it is set to provide the avid online shoppers with added convenience as there will be no more check-out lines for them to fall in line. 

A previous report by Jobs & Hire says Amazon Go is currently giving priority to its Prime subscribers. The members only need to pay via a mobile app and that's it! 

Meanwhile, ZDNet reports Xero, accounting software that has garnered more than 800,000 subscribers, has integrated with Apple Pay for their cloud-based application. Now, the customers can settle their invoices via the Apple Pay on just a few clicks.

Then there's Slack, a popular messaging service that is partnering with Google to improve its communications services. This partnership is set to battle with Microsoft and promises to help the subscribers "complete tasks without having to jump in and out of different app windows."

Finally, to top all the competitions announced, is Facebook joining the market competition. The largest social media company will not let these companies reign without putting up a fight. According to Tech Crunch, the new app will now let the users improve their CRM file sharing, email and calendars.

Basically, all of this week's news is but healthy news for the technology world. The subscribers will benefit so much from all these announcements.

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